Now Available In The US🇺🇸

Now Available In The US🇺🇸

StemWave™ Treatment Use

Up to 90% Success Rates with Orthopedic Conditions

Drug Free

No Medication Required


Virtually Painless Treatment


Less than 10 minute
treatment times

Treat Chonic and Acute Pain
with High Success

Treat deeper, wider, and faster with our uniquely
designed ellipsoidal reflector. High energy
discharges create low-intensity focused waves.

Most Common Indications

Hip Pain

Tennis Elbow

Jumpers Knee

Medial Tibial Stress

Heel Spur

Insertional Pain

Chronic Tendinopathy

Painful Shoulder

Orthopedic Solution of The Future

StemWave generates acoustic waves to initiate the neovascularization process in some parts of
the body with shock wave therapy. As a result of neovascularization, new blood vessels are