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StemWave recently announced that their newest device Modus-F is now available for sale. StemWave recently received a Class l listing from the FDA and announced an exclusive North American partnership with Inceler Medikal, a leading global manufacturer.

FDA lists Modus as a Class l device, with newly developed Area Directed Technology provided by StemWave. StemWave is a Boston-based medical device company focused on developing and introducing innovative orthopedic products. StemWave plans to continue the further development of its technology and gain new clearances for Modus over the years to come.

StemWave introduces a new partnership as the exclusive distributor for North America with global acoustic-wave manufacturer, Inceler Medikal. Inceler Medikal is a world-leading acoustic-wave manufacturer and researcher based in Turkey, that has eagerly seeked market access to North America. The StemWave executive team has years of experience in the commercialization of acoustic-wave products and plans to make Incelers products market leaders in North America.