Now Available In The US🇺🇸

Now Available In The US🇺🇸

FDA Lists Modus-F, A New Area Directed Technology by StemWave

StemWave™ Modus-F is a German-designed medical device


April 27, 2022 – FDA lists Modus as a Class l device, with newly developed Area Directed Technology provided by StemWave. StemWave is a Boston-based medical device company focused on developing and introducing innovative orthopedic products. StemWave plans to continue the further development of its technology and gain new clearances for Modus over the years to come. 


Modus-F is the only Area Directed device available in the United States, creating a large focal zone and in turn, treating more cases. Despite the significant technological advancements, Modus-F will be introduced at an accessible price point.


About StemWave 

StemWave is committed to making rehabilitation accessible to the world by developing and introducing revolutionary technology that reshapes traditional healthcare. 


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