Our Technology

Inside StemWave™


Our Area Directed Technology leverages a focused electro-hydraulic system to produce true acoustic waves with every pulse. This type of acoustic wave generation presents numerous advanatages when it comes to performing treatments.

With the help of our invaluable clinical partners, we designed our technology to combine quality, versatility, and usability to provide an optimal experience for healthcare professionals and the patients they serve. 

Increased  Range of Power

The newest improvement to our Area Directed Technology significantly increased the range of power levels. This recent enhancement allows clinics to perform treatments with more precision for each unique case.

Enhanced Treatment Zone

Area Directed Technology combines our electro-hydraulic system with an ellipsoidal reflector. The deflection of energy from this unique design enhances the width and depth of the treatment zone.

Fast & Efficient Treatments

Our enhanced treatment zone makes it easier to identify and focus on the correct areas. This reduces average treatment times and makes seeing patients efficient and effective. Allowing clinics to see more patients in less time.

How is StemWave™ Technology Different?

Not all acoustic waves are created equally. Our electro-hydraulic system provides StemWave™ with unique advantages over many of the focused devices available in the U.S. Here are a few key advantages…

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