About Us

our Mission

To make transformative rehabilitation accessible to everyone: by developing the revolutionary technology that makes it possible, and making it accessible to independent healthcare providers.

Where we’ve been

Founded in 2017 as a consulting company for small to mid-sized healthcare businesses, the company that would one day become StemWave initially developed marketing systems for commercializing high-end medical technology, at both the B2B and B2C levels. Over the last two years, we became one of the largest distributors of non-invasive acoustic wave technology for orthopedic use. 

This model served more than 3,000 patients per month across 150+ medical offices, offering non-invasive biological response technology in communities that had previously been without access.

How We Got Here

So how do marketing consultants get into medical technology? Long story short, we listened. Working closely with both healthcare providers and patients, we observed the daily challenges that frustrated both sides of the coin:

  • People living in pain who couldn’t find affordable, long-lasting, non-invasive solutions to their problems. Or in some cases, couldn’t find a solution of any kind

  • Medical providers who simply did not have the size and budget to invest in bleeding-edge hardware, keeping solutions out of their reach.

We knew the technology existed. And we’d seen – and continue to see – the transformative effects that non-invasive acoustic wave treatments can have. We searched far and wide for a solution to both problems: a way to introduce this powerful treatment to communities that otherwise might never have access, while ensuring that the providers aren’t throttled by prohibitive costs and a high barrier to entry. We couldn’t find a solution. So we created one.

The Road to StemWave™

For years, we had worked with different medical companies, products and services:
we thought we had seen it all. And over this time, we’d seen countless “breakthrough” technologies or “miracle” devices; each new promise as empty as the last.

However, in 2019 we were introduced to a genuinely disruptive technology: a method refined over decades of use in Europe, with a small mountain of peer-reviewed research supporting the findings: and results that spoke for themselves. 

That technology? Non-invasive, focused acoustic wave therapy. 

Obviously, there exists a significant gap between what is needed in the US healthcare market, and what can realistically be attained. Upon confirming the results for both patients and providers, we knew we’d found a way to meaningfully address that gap… if we could just connect the technology with those who stood to benefit from it. 

Over the course of months–and more than a few late-night planning sessions–our team traded ideas, models, and strategies on how to make this type of technology more accessible: not just to professional athletes, or those who could afford to travel overseas for treatment, but to the general public. 

But to do that, we’d need a partner… and a good one, too.

The Birth of StemWave

In 2022, we introduced our first product – Modus, by StemWaveTM – in an exclusive relationship with global manufacturing leader Inceler Medikal, with the goal of making non-invasive orthopedic care accessible to North America. 

This was our first product, and we not only intended to address every point of feedback we’d collected over the years, but to do so at a significantly more accessible price point than the industry had ever seen. 

It wouldn’t be ready until it was ready. And now that it is, the results are everything we’d hoped for. With the Modus ready for distribution, the scary part was behind us: it was time to set our collective experience in operations, marketing, sales, and consulting to the task. In relatively short time, we’ve already made huge strides in the market, rapidly accelerating the adoption of StemWave throughout the US healthcare field. 

Making waves, if you will forgive the wordplay.

What We Do

Simply put, the Modus by Stemwave can alleviate aches and pains, plus help jumpstart the body’s natural healing process: generating a variety of different biological responses by applying StemWaves to damaged tissue. We don’t make claims we can’t stand by, because we don’t have to. The results speak for themselves.

Who We are

Patient Focused

Patient results are at the core of what we do. The better our technology can help patients recover, or improve their quality of living, the better the rest of our networks, communities, and organizations function. Every decision the organization makes is guided by patient care.

Science Driven

Fundamentally understanding how our technology affects the body in all facets impacts
our care plans, training & education programs, and our overall commercialization strategy. A genuinely disruptive technology can be tempting to describe in hyperbolic fashion, but that simply adds to the noise. Instead, we’re data-driven, and constantly striving to better understand the impact of our technology through research, testing, and scientific evaluation.

Education First

Even the most powerful technology is useless without knowing how to use it. With proper training and education, our technology can create meaningful and positive change in communities, individual lives, organizations, and families alike. It has been – and will always be – our top priority to ensure that providers who use our technology receive consistent, frequent, and comprehensive training as a testament to our commitment to provide quality care for patients.